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  • High Flying Bird

    High Flying Bird


    Admirable. Gotta love a script that's brave enough to just give you a long series of conversations without any real action (this sounds sarcastic, but I'm actually being sincere). That kind of a plot can go wrong, but the cast here is strong enough to support it. Also helps to have Soderbergh shooting it, although this feels like a lesser work for him.

    Also, the guy needs to put his iPhone away. I love that Soderbergh is always looking for new angles at how to make a movie, but the quality here is noticeably below par.

  • Cold Pursuit

    Cold Pursuit


    This really, really works as a dark comedy. The humor is so cruel, silent, and uproarious. If it could have kept focused on that, I'd be all for it. Unfortunately, it shifts to this mob war that feels sorta dry. The final product feels compromised, but the voice here is really fresh and makes it worth seeing. Hoping to see more from this director in the future.

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  • Citizenfour



    What's great about Citizenfour is that it forgoes telling a story, and instead is completely comfortable with and devoted to telling an experience - a very strange and surreally calm experience - of doing something that led a young man to become the primary ire and target of the CIA. All the while Snowden just sits on a hotel bed and explains computers.

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Phantom Thread's not necessarily Paul Thomas Anderson's best film, but it is the one that convinces me that he is, as a filmmaker, invincible.

    He's wandered farther away from his wheelhouse than in any previous film with Phantom Thread, a period romance. There's plenty of thin PTA humor to be found in the dialogue (it's perplexingly full zingers I can't wait to incorporate into my vocabulary), but otherwise this is feels like new territory for him. Perhaps unsurprisingly, PTA doesn't…