Dirty Harry ★★

Ok so here's the thing, on one level this movie is a thriller and on another it's a tale about one man's struggle against the system; and I don't like it on either of those levels.

The thriller part is really not exciting. While it does bring in some cool Zodiac-inspired elements, it fails to deliver an interesting plot and set of characters (except for Harry himself, he's quite interesting).

And on the other level, the point/message of the film is bizarre. Harry's worldview (and the movie's to an extent) is ridiculous. Like a young boy's understanding of good guys and bad guys. No grey area, ever. Scorpio is the most vile, terrible human being ever and should have his human rights renounced. The mayor and police chief are ignorants blinded and made powerless by law, due process, and bureaucracy. And, Harry is a sheriff-type savior making the world a better place one murder at a time. As Ebert said in his review, "The movie's moral position is fascist. No doubt about it".

That said, I do like the visuals and the school bus sequence + ending is pretty nice. Also, the "Do I feel lucky?" monologue is right next to "Ezekiel 25:17" on the list of cool-ass pre-execution speeches.