Tenet ★★★★

I've been thinking a lot about "Tenet" since yesterday. It is a film that gathers all the qualities and defects of nolan, I will not mention them because everyone is tired of knowing what they are. I'm sure of one thing, nolan has a heart of stone. The emotion he tries to get through is done in the coldest way possible. That kiss that Elizabeth debicki throws on the face of John David Washington is one of the most emotionless things I have ever seen. It's awful.

If on the emotional side nolan doesn't do so well, we can't say the same about the action scenes, which are among the best in his filmography. That car chase on the road is phenomenal! It is tense, frantic and very well directed. It is the only moment in the film where the soundtrack works. In fact, the sound mix for this film is terrible! My ears almost bleed in the first 10 minutes of the film. I never imagined I was going to say that about a nolan movie.

In the acting part, this is where I found the great treasure of the film, the name of this treasure is Robert Pattinson. I loved his character! it is easily one of the best performances of his career. Neil is a mysterious, charismatic character and has an unexpected sense of humor. John David Washington is also excellent. There's no way, he has his father's charisma. And Pattinson and he are a very good pair. The only """"exciting"""" scene in the film is their final scene (my favorite scene in the film).

If I had watched "tenet" in a normal year, the grade would have been a little lower. But as we are living in a totally crazy year, "tenet" is on the list of the best of the year. I entered the movie already knowing what to expect, and ended up leaving more satisfied than expected. As I said, all Nolan's qualities and defects are present in this film. If you like it, you will love this movie. Now, if you don't like it, well, there's not much to do. I always try to extract the best and the worst from each film, he is a director that I like a lot.

P.s: there were 3 people in the room with me: a couple who thought the film was a masterpiece (he said exactly that when the film ended), a man who sat in the back and left before the movie ended and there was me (there are 4 people counting on me). Each had their reaction.

Who are you in that case? Hated, liked or found the film a masterpiece?

P.s 2: what happened to Kenneth branagh in this film? the character is bad, his performance is even worse and his motivation is 10x worse. He moans during the movie "Ooohhh" what the fuck, man? HAHAHA! nobody had the courage to come up to him and say: "man, are you crazy? what the fuck?!

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