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  • That's It

    That's It


    Funcionaria muito melhor como curta,até me entreteu na primeira meia hora,mas o resto foi um pouco entediante.Ainda assim,tenho que admirar o feito do Matheus Souza,por ter realizado seu filme com apenas 19 anos e uma câmera emprestada da faculdade.

  • Snowpiercer



    The school scene reminded me of how North Corea brainwash their children with propaganda about Kim Jong-un,but this also can be applied to others leaders,like Hitler,the only difference is that Ed Harris's character runs a feudal system.
    I loved the film,but I don't know how to feel about the ending...

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  • Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy

    Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy


    Oscar winner for best short film,unless they release a longer sequel in a near future.

  • Baywatch



    I didn't knew that dialogue could be this bad,and the CGI?Just kill me,please.