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  • Passengers



    This is the first time since Chappie that I feel like I watched a different movie than everyone else, I rarely give these movies so badly rated a chance but since it is Sci-fi and was a movie to watch with the whole family I still gave it a try and I am happy for that, everyone liked it.

    Seems to me like most people think every movie should adhere to their view of political correctness, I am not saying…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I knew from the start watching this movie I was bound to be disappointed, each year there comes a film that either gets so much praise by the critics or by the Oscars that always left me wondering how such a film could really have that universal appeal, usually I like those films to a certain degree, but they simply don't make it into my top films of that year.

    Being a fan of old Hollywood musicals and having also…

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  • Blind Chance

    Blind Chance


    While I started having a bit of problems with the first story, mostly because I am not too familiar with the history of Poland at the time, and I didn't expected it to be so overly political, it started getting better with the second and third story, It didn't seem like they were just different scenarios of what could have happened, each iteration added to the character and to the situation of the country complementing what happened in the other…

  • Dekalog



    This really was eye opening experience for me, I really like how aside from Chapter 1, most of the episodes deal with the commandments in a very humane way, I mean that instead of focusing on the grace or religious aspects they focus on the human nature and condition.

    This combined with the ambiguity of most of the endings helps make each episode points or questions very effective, because I found myself thinking about them a lot after watching them.…