About Time ★★★★★

THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!! 

This is the best romantic comedy ever made, and I don’t understand how it isn’t talked about more. It is just beautiful in every way. The cast is absolutely amazing, and everyone has great chemistry together. Particularly Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, as well as Gleeson and Bill Nighy. The acting is so relationship driven and believable, I was so into it. Also Rachel McAdams character is my new total dream girl. 😍

Father / son relationships in movies are always interesting to me, and this one absolutely wrecked me. I could watch Gleeson and Nighy just interact as father and son for hours. It was so endearing.

I had tears streaming down my face for the better part of the last portion of the movie. On top of the father / son stuff, the entire message of the movie is just so powerful but in a really natural heartfelt way. It never feels preachy or pretentious. 

This is a movie that I will actively spend time trying to get people to watch. I’m just so in love with everything I got from About Time.