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  • Goldfinger



    Now that is much more like it! Lots of fun and also quite thrilling near the climax. It's really all about Bond winding his way through these precarious situations, often courting a beautiful woman at the end of the set piece. And the camp is just great (Pussy Galore may be the best name I've ever heard ever).

    Thus far, Goldfinger has definitely been the best villain we've seen. The way he squirms when Bond fools him is priceless.


  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia with Love


    A few good additions, particularly Tatiana Romanova being much more deep of a love interest than Honey Ryder. However the rest of the film does bring it down. At least for me, what I love in Bond movies is the quiet moments where Bond reveals himself as a character and, lets face it, as a fantasy. You wanna see scenes where he's oozing with cool, and that's just not here in this one.

    Exposition and set pieces seem to be…

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  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    Sci-Fi action with a Groundhog Day twist. You're a soldier and every time you die, you wake up just to do it again.

    A very smart, tense, and funny film that never slows down. The relentless pace can fatigue, but the interplay of the two leads remind you of what is at stake. And man is Emily Blunt beautiful.

    It's true, we've seen most of this before, but thankfully all that it borrows is of the best that it can take.

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Yes, I know many people said this is the best Bond film and I usually take pride in having contrary opinions to that of the masses, but goddamn it they're right. For me personally, the "non-action" parts of the James Bond films were always my favorite, but damn were the action scenes good here. Not only is there a very big focus on verticality, Bond actually gets hurt. With every fight scene, you're always reminded that he is human and…