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I'm a huge piece of traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    Well then. I finally have now seen, Doctor Strange.

    So when watching this movie not only was I took away from the amazing visual effects but had bought into this movie. I mean that as in I was able to immerse myself into the movie. That is a plus.

    Great plot, solid acting, great music, caring about the characters and did it keep me guessing throughout the movie. These are things I take into account after watching a movie. This…

  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    There is still about 35 minutes left and I have to pee pretty badly. I could guarantee my bathroom trip will be more entertaining than this movie. I am going to post this review now cause I don't have much time after this movie finishes. This movie would get an "iwandie"

    Update to this review. I spilled some soda on my xbox one and that made me emote more than this movie has.

    Final update. The pee was much more entertaining than this movie.