The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

When I first saw the trailer for this (as in when it was called Connected instead of TMvsTM) I didn't expect this movie to good, let alone mediocre. But I never could have expected is this being the funniest animated movie I've seen since The Emperor's New Groove. This movie is such a joy to watch the whole way through. A few (and I mean V E R Y few) moments referencing some old memes were pretty #CringeBro (yeah I died inside too) and it follows some kids movie cliches but honestly I could not care less as this was so irresistibly charming. The humor is so pitch perfect. The wordplay is sharp, the slapstick is perfect, the performances enhance the wit this movie has filled with throughout. The animation is filled with so many visual gags, which is kinda groundbreaking for the state of 3D animation, using the medium to it's maximum. The action sequences are dynamic yet hilarious. Katie's mom is such badass, I think she legit turns into a god by the end. Katie's brother and the other side characters are also extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

And wow look at that. It's Tediously Long Paragraph on a narrative aspect of this film O'clock.

This film deals with the idea that..dealing with your family can be extremely tough. Especially at the transitional stage of your life from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood. You feel like they're embarrassingly out of touch and disapproving of your passions. You wish you could leave away from them forever and never see them again. But then you realize they are trying. They're trying their best to understand what inspires you and try getting into your interests to try and get closer with you. They feel as though they're getting distant from your life and try their absolute best to keep you healthy and happy. They may have a blowout with you for apparently unnecessary reasons, but that's because they're concerned, because they care about you, because they love you and don't want you to get hurt. But getting hurt is a part of life, to build experience in exploring the real non-perfect world. And they slowly understand and let you free, while still keeping you in the comfort of their loving, safe arms.

The film shows these moments between Katie and her dad. They are complete opposites of each other on the surface. They both do things that upset and anger the other and they feel so apart from each other initially. But over the course of the runtime, they both connect with each other, become more confident and fully developed individuals, and find out more similarities between each other. They grow to truly love and respect each other's personalities and lifestyles. They learn from each other both technically and emotionally and enhance themselves as people, and weirdly enough a robot uprising was a perfect catalyst to their relationship.

I may be weird for empathizing with this out of all movies out there, but you know who else are weird? That's right, The Mitchells. They're imperfect and weird, but that's what makes them so lovable, and that's why this movie as a whole is so lovable.

Thanks for (maybe) reading, before I go I want to say a few more things:

1. Give Monchi the dog an Oscar, I don't care if he's fictional, just give one to him.

2. I'm truly sorry for making this review so cheesy and long.

3. Love your family as much as possible, cause they are truly epic.

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