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  • The Good Daughter

    The Good Daughter


    one persons matchmaker is anothers human trafficker. you'd be forgiven thinking this corner of taiwan was mainland china!

    but then, it was pretty quickly into it that all the pieces came together from other films i've seen that bridge south asia with taiwan, and i re-realized just how little i still actually know about the place.

    the two most interesting aspects other than subject matter at hand were the languages and family dynamic. language thanks to a borrowed native ear…

  • Anni



    so much darkness,
    everyone should shout out

    and darkness there is. no flashlight on Zhu Rikun's camera as he steps through the night interviewing a former maoist, now fighting for democracy. screen ironically blacking out almost completely at the exact moment he says he hopes china can transition to democracy.

    we must drop any thought of self,
    and give our support.

    faint at best when bringing the same camera into a room full of citizen activists who organized themselves online.…

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  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    rooney mara my religion

  • Speak



    fuckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop, kristen stewart cant act this, kristen stewart cant act that. my girl a BD in woodland hills. he, he they say she dont be putting in work shut the fuck UP. yall dont know shit. all you motherfuckers talking about kristen aint no hitta kristen aint this kristen a fake SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

    this girl been in the business since fuckin, IDK when. if i catch another motherfucker talking sweet bout kristen im fucking beating they ass