Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

Greta Gerwig, you dork.

If you take this thing too seriously, you'll probably hate it. It establishes that indy atmosphere of authenticity, but at the same time you'll see a few of these young white artsy artist personas heightened just a bit--just enough to piss off those who take them too seriously.

Yes, this is a film about young white people in New York chasing their dreams or whatever. However, I didn't find it mopey or melodramatic in any offensive way. I can imagine young starving artists in New York living and behaving in the manner portrayed here. Even if you find these people (especially Frances) utterly repulsive, that's no basis upon which to judge a film as a whole. I think it's well-crafted, well-paced, and I feel that it delivers honest human behavior. That's about the baseline of what you should ask from a filmmaker.

So yes, I had good fun. Even though I wouldn't wanna hang out with any of these characters. Even though I found Frances quite cringeworthy and pitiful at times. But laughs and a couple tears were had. Loved it.

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