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  • These Days

    These Days


    Unfocused, messy, and doesn't really know what it wants to be. You could say that perfectly reflects the state of mind of the subject matters of this film, but I believe it to be incidental (knowing the troubles of this production) rather than intentional.

    It starts off strong with a surprisingly nostalgia-inducing montage of friends hanging out, spitting the shit, and just enjoying being around each other. This eventually, and unfortunately, devolves into random vignettes of the characters just doing…

  • Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

    Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom


    I could have done anything today. I could have wrote that script I've been meaning to for awhile now. I could have started working out and taking better care of myself. Hell, I could have gone out and met the woman of my dreams for all I know. So how did I spend my day? How did I spend my sweet, precious, valuable time on this oyster of a world I live on? I spent it watching a double feature of Norm of the North.

    Please help me. I have no control over my life anymore.