Contempt ★★★

It finally happened. Godard became what I feared he'd be when I decided to dive into his filmography: Artsy Nothing. This film, like many of Godard's other films up to this point, mainly consists of characters walking around a room repeating the same stuff over and over again. The main difference with this film is how cut, dry, and standard it is.

With Breathless and A Woman and is A Woman, there was at least a playful energy to those that made them a joy to watch, despite how they each fall apart in the later half. Here, there's no fancy editing, no winks or nudges to the audience, very little experimentation, and sure as shit no Anna Karina to break up the monotony of watching the tired tale of a man and woman getting tired of each other.

I'm fully willing to admit that maybe there's just something I'm missing here, or perhaps I have a ADHD-ladden brain where I have to have wacky fun constantly happen to keep my attention, but this was a real miss for Godard that I hope gets remedied by his next films.

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