Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★½

Hollywood taking the easiest and safest route to money with this unoriginal movie. I know this is meant for the new generation of kids growing up but they could’ve at least tried. And the product placements?? They’re blatant and have honestly given up with the subtlety now. I think I know why Coogler decided to produce instead of direct. He probably reconsidered after a pitch meeting when Warner Brothers brought up using all of their assets. Now if the film was directed by him, I think we would’ve at least got a fresh take on the sequel to the classic. Unfortunately they’ve taken no risks and seem to be going straight for wallets at this  point. I waited a year to go to the movies and want my $12 back. Jordan still seems to have a leg up on Bron… even in films

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