Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Thor Ragnarok is incredibly funny and a visual spectacle to look at. It is miles better than the first 2 Thor movies and it ditches the dark and moody tone of the first 2 and went with a more bright, colourful, and humorous tone which in turn makes Thor Ragnarok a very entertaining film.

I'm going to compare Thor Ragnarok to Guardians of the Galaxy because it is a lot like the those movies. And while I find Thor to be funnier than GOTG, I find that Thor Ragnarok lacks what Guardians of the Galaxy have: Heart. And that is my biggest problem with the Thor Ragnarok. It's all fun and games, but there's nothing to be taken away from the movie and it feels empty because of it.

Overall though, Thor still is a very entertaining movie as its humorous nature almost never slows down. Also, Korg is a scene stealer and is absolutely hilarious.

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