Days of Being Wild

Days of Being Wild ★★★★

I've heard that there's a kind of legless birds that can only fly and fly, and sleep in the wind when it is tired

Second film on my Wong Kar-Wai's complete filmography, and it's a sneaky charmer.

One advantage of letting a bit of time passes before writing about a film: some of them might unexpectedly turn out to have staying power. My immediate reaction after seeing Days of Being Wild is that it's a mildly pleasant if overlong ramble. But then the quietly haunting nature of its loose-limbed, free-floating narrative stays on the mind in bits and pieces over days. You wonder about the characters, where they will continued their journey after the film, and what some of their brief encounters could have been. You keep being drawn back to several musical motifs, listening to them over and over. And many of the mournful images, the wistful speeches, the lyrical sadness; they prove to sink deeper in the mind than initially thought, and you can't help but ache for the characters they belong to.

This is one film I will be eager to revisit down the line. I suspect this time I will be much more receptive to its heartfelt tale of these legless birds, ever struggling against the wind and hurting themselves along the way, just for that one thing always out of their reaches.

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