Inhuman Kiss ★★★★

What if Twilight was an actual monster film, with ambitions? That's glib, but the dynamics between three leads here remind me of that film at times. Except they, and the monster aspect ("Kra-sue", as much an old folklore monster in Thailand as vampire or werewolf is in the west) that complicates their relationship, actually represent something higher: the fear bordering on rage of the unknown; and the way older Thai generation often imposes and obstructs the new generation's attempt to clumsily, but passionately, remedy old conflicts, then leaves nothing behind for their future. The mostly gorgeous technical craft here genuinely feels like a big step forward for Thai cinema, both convincing and soulful. There are still some bits of trite or unsmooth storytelling, but after a certain point where all the three leads are fully drawn in, the intensity keeps ramping up, all the way through a simultaneously stirring and heartrending climax.