Inferno ★★★★½

Watching Suspiria and Inferno back to back is the ultimate Italo horror experience, I try to do it every year.

Like many, I was disappointed with Inferno the first time I saw it. I hated how plotless it felt and was turned off by the melancholic tone, especially coming off how exciting Suspiria was for me. Now I’m able to appreciate how much this film brings out Argento’s talents, with practically no story or character development he’s able to truly let his imagination run wild. I never tire of the endless hallways, each decorated and lit with the finest detail.

In some ways I honestly prefer it to Suspiria. I love how quiet this film is as opposed to its predecessor and the colder tone is so relaxing to me for whatever reason.

That all being said, the ending SUCKS. It just feels so lazy, like a thoughtless cover of Suspiria’s ending, bums me out every time I rewatch this.

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