Tenet ★★★

Fun, but not perfect. I enjoyed the concept, (time travel is fascinating, all those complicated conversations) but it took a while to really get going as a film. There was so much exposition, and the sound mixing was so bad I could not understand what was being said at times which pulled me out of it a bit. Acting was great, I don't think there was a performance that I didn't like. John David Washington was incredible, Robert Pattinson was so charismatic and funny in this, Kenneth Branagh really sold his part, if it took a while for me to get used to it, and Elizabeth Debicki did great with the limited character she was given. Seriously, I am begging Christopher Nolan to write some better female characters (and some better dialogue, there were some crap lines in this). I think I'm gonna have to watch it again to really get it, but also might have to find a copy with subtitles because I don't think the sound mixing is gonna get any better. Also, there were certain parts that will just be better when you know what's going on. Some great set pieces, but the last one was a little bland, could have been set somewhere much more interesting. The opera scene at the beginning was stellar, if confusing to just be dropped in with no prior knowledge (but I guess this puts you on the same plane as the protagonist so idk). Liked it.

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