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  • Willow



    My viewing of this might have been a little tampered by the fact that my roommate was insistent that this was one of his favorite fantasy movies growing up. That this was like a Lord of the Rings with what was possible at the time. I really can’t come up with really any way I agree with him. The thing that made Lord of the Rings great for me was the pacing. It was a large, sprawling, epic adventures that…

  • Yoga Hosers

    Yoga Hosers


    Definitely a fun B-Movie, but if you’re wanting anything that’s getting any awards that you actually intend to get, look elsewhere. Could’ve gone a little larger scale with the villain, but even as it was, the movie was pretty enjoyable. I mostly watch Kevin Smith because my brother’s into his stuff. I got the feeling while watching that this movie probably would’ve been better had I watched Tusk first. So… to any would-be watchers of Yoga Hosers: watch Tusk first.

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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Definitely would’ve been better to watch this with a better set of speakers, but this was a movie I knew was gonna be impactful — just in premise alone. Jim Carrey’s an amazing actor, and Charlie Kaufman’s an outstanding writer. This was my favorite performance of both Kate Winslett, and Kirsten Dunst thus-far. The movie is contemplative, nostalgic, and if you’re one to cry during movies, get ready. Its conclusion leaves you feeling a bit like at the end of…