Lamb ★★★★

Lamb is perhaps the most bizarre and unique movie I've seen this year. The pacing in this film was incredibly slow, but it worked wonders in creating a mysterious, eerie atmosphere that permeated every second of the movie. A good balance of horror-comedy, although I wished it leaned a bit more to the horror side.

One aspect that carried the entire film for me was Noomi Rapace's performance. Jessica Chastain delivered the best performance I've seen this year so far in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, but Noomi Rapace's stoic, calm, and layered performance might just be my favorite. She stole every single scene she's in and makes the most of it.

Lamb is a film with deep Icelandic roots. It's a film spoken completely in Icelandic. The story is set in the backdrop of rural Iceland, inspired by the folklore of its region. The breathtaking scenery is brought alive by the gorgeous cinematography. The mountains, valleys, and animals are all characters in this movie. The silent yet powerful force of nature in this film subtly speaks of a mysterious force lurking in the background. Accompanied by a greyish blue color palette, the colors and scenery compliment the mystifying tone of the film. This film gave us one of the most beautiful landscape cinematography since LOTR. Nearly every frame is permeated with the beauty of nature. Yet this film is an exploration of the sinister force of nature itself.

Lamb was a watch well worth my time and quite an incredible experience. I was hit pretty hard when it ended. I'm still letting the film sink in as I'm writing down my thoughts. So for now, I'll let time run its course on this film. Perhaps there's a hidden masterpiece underneath it all.

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