Tenet ★★

some of the most obnoxious and frumpy writing i’ve ever heard paired with the sound mixing which intends on peaking your volume tolerances constantly, so i’m not even sure i got the elementary blocks of the story enough to post on reddit about what i think happened. it’s this misfire in getting to the first stage of being a dipshit christopher nolan fan which makes me congratulate this movie for being a mature addition to his corpus of work

that being said, he’s not quite at the level of a different action filmmaker whose work i respect for its flawed messages, michael bay, in that nolan is committed to his style of socketing a regular ass story into a framework that relies on something science fiction as a vehicle. tenet (along with interstellar and inception) forms the third addition in the triptych of these sorts of embryonic action films, each one one-upping its precedent, often literally—anne hathaway’s insistence that time cannot flow backwards in interstellar followed up by a movie about time flowing backwards seems sorta quaint if you’re aiming for a “he did it again” sticker your braindead fanbase will bestow on you. they fill out the rest of the screentime with some polish on staid tropes of domestic unrest for some remarkably low lows in films that, to nolan, fulfill some larger and baroque artistic function, which i can only conclude at this point being the aforementioned reddit discussion. cool sci fi action is cool, but when you’re wading through scenes of leo dicaprio being sad about his dead wife in inception or the blithe and noxious optimism of interstellar, it loses much of its punch, and this really isn’t any better. i will concede the formula worked for me a little bit on this one as far as the action is concerned. otherwise it’s such a dogshit movie with annoying concepts about a universe structured more and more about the self as its creation and action approaches heideggerian divinity. bizarre, awful, politically like an even worse james bond

this movie is bad. it is really not good. the operative parts and themes are graciously self-serving and the time-travel tropes are sorta bland. but nolan delivers on the smallest mechanism of fun that i personally enjoy, just watching stuff happen and rolling with it. his action scenes don’t have the best rhythm to them but they’re undeniably enjoyable

TLDR i liked seeing things go backwards but when things weren’t moving backwards i was bored. also robert pattinson is so hot when he puts on a gas mask

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