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  • Blade Runner 2049
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  • Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar


    A predictable yet very good feel-good movie with great acting—Mos Def deserves special mention as I found his character particularly interesting—and characters one cares about.

    There is a scene in the movie that I want to highlight here, and I’ll do it in the words of Roger Ebert:

    There’s a scene in “Brown Sugar” I never thought I’d see in a movie, where after Reese and Dre have a “final” fight, and in a more conventional film she would disappear…

  • Finding Forrester

    Finding Forrester


    I recently saw "Finding Forrester", and I really enjoyed it. I like to watch movies of this kind from time to time; it reminded me of "Pay It Forward", another very good movie. "Finding Forrester" is, with its great story and great acting, in my opinion worth the time it takes to see the movie.