Second Coming ★★★★

Jax (Nadine Marshall) has just found out she is pregnant. She should be happy as she leads a lovely life with the perfect husband Mark (Idris Elba) and son JJ (Karl Francis Lewis). There is an issue, however. Jax and Mark haven't been together for quite sometime and Jax hasn't been with anyone else, not that Mark believes this.
This is a stunning drama from director Debbie Tucker Green, it's spells out nothing and leaves the audience to draw its own conclusions as to what is actually happening.
The film features stunning performances from Marshall, who to my knowledge, I have never seen before and a career best on film for Elba, I still think his career best has come on TV.
This is a tiny but very effective British gem of a film and I urge you to see it, it's another example of the truly exceptional cinema coming from Britain at the moment.