The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Jimmy Hoffa: Who's gonna be there? 

Frank Sheeran: Everybody. 

Jimmy Hoffa: Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, and Tony, huh?

I cried during the entire last thirty minutes. 
From start to finish I was completely transported into the world of the crime yet again by the mastermind himself Martin Scorsese. This isn’t his best film. I mean “Casino” will forever be my favorite of his, but “The Irishman” is by far one of his best and hands down one of the of the decade. 
The performances are of course nothing but amazing. Robert, Joe, and Al are fucking fantastic and better get Oscar nominations this year. I wish Ray Romano was getting more attention for his performance. 
The score is so FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, I could listen to it all day long and not even complain.

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