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  • What We Do in the Shadows

    What We Do in the Shadows


    What We Do In The Shadows took me by surprise - it is a genuinely sharp, subversive and often hilarious mockumentary, a genre I usually detest and avoid.

    Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement master the tone and style early on. Throwing a bunch of talent actors into a very unique setting works wonders and provides the film with streams of fun and energy to contend with. There are some outstanding gags and set pieces sprinkled throughout the film and it…

  • Tropico



    I learnt more about religion from Tropico than I did throughout all of my Religious Education lessons at school

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  • Mother!



    To the woman who arrived late, sat directly behind me in a near-empty cinema, spent the whole film on her phone at full brightness and started mumbling about how 'shit' it was, despite paying it as much attention as the film's guests do to Jennifer Lawrence's character,

    Go to hell x

  • It



    It succeeds in a lot of areas. It's a splendid comedy, packed to the rafters with laughs left, right and centre - funnier than it had any right to be; it is a wonderful coming-of-age story, populated with genuinely lovable, wacky outsiders who discover their tribe in a beautiful, inspiring way; it is exciting, thrilling even and superbly acted and sold.

    But as a horror film? It is lazy.

    Poor CGI and an over-reliance on cheap, jump scares weaken the…