BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½


An extraordinarily-balanced and calibrated piece of filmmaking delivered with the utmost sense of urgency and power. Spike Lee’s satire makes you laugh and then cry, with sickening intensity and crowd-pleasing moments going hand in hand to fine effect. With an ensemble firing on each and every cylinder, bolstered by an impeccable-crafted script, almost every single element operates so fantastically in-sync.

In less competent hands, this could be the most ill-advised, tone-deaf picture of the year - but with Lee’s talent as a filmmaker and wisdom as a cinematic voice, the tremendous confidence in which he executes BlacKKKlansman is nothing short of mesmerising. While it is hampered ever so slightly by its length, it is continually engaging and consistently thought-provoking, pointed in its aim but never forced beyond digestion. With thunderous dialogue and stark imagery (including the most emotionally-charged ending to hit our screens in some time), Lee’s latest joint is unwavering and unignorable and I implore each and every one of you to seek it out as immediately as possible.

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