The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

"Describing a film as “of the moment” can seem redundant: how long does a moment last? Yet, there’s an unreserved relevance to the themes and messages in contention here, bubbling beyond the love triangle and royal shenanigans on display: a tooth-and-dagger fight for power, the greed of a few altering the course of history for the many, and a deal that cannot be resolved pleasantly for anyone involved. Sound familiar? Lanthimos holds a mirror from the current to the past, reflecting mighty messages and timely themes to tragicomic results: forever entertaining but offering more beneath the (gorgeous) surface. In my eyes, The Favourite does the two most important things cinema should do: entertains and engages.

The Favourite’s success is hidden in the small, luscious details: a finely-woven tapestry that speaks impressively wide but tells a weightier story when examined more closely. Its unique ability to subvert expectations, its zeitgeist-tapping control of themes appropriate for a contemporary audience and genuinely astonishing technical accomplishments would make this film worthy of Best Picture in this or any other given year. For their achievements to cinema, Lanthimos, Colman, Weisz and Stone deserve their Oscar coronation on February 24th, while the evening’s royal banquet should undoubtedly be reserved for The Favourite."

Had the awesome opportunity to write about WHY THE FAVOURITE SHOULD WIN BEST PICTURE AT THE 2019 OSCARS. Give it a read!

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