Wild Rose ★★★★

If you asked me now what my dream job was, I couldn’t even begin to answer you. 21 years into my life and I still don’t know what it exactly is I want to do. The passion I am defined by - film - probably won’t lead me anywhere: a combination of a competitive industry, ‘wrong place, wrong time’ and, frankly, not being good enough to peruse a genuine career. It’s been a cause of real sadness and embarrassment and discomfort for so long now. It feels like life is passing me by as I’ve watched friends begin careers, go into further education, generally thrive — and I feel stuck in a rutt, as indecisive as I am confused; hopeless and wasteful. Wild Rose gets that. 

It’s a tale of changing hopes and dreams, of privilege and passion. While formulaic and predictable in parts, it tells its story with real heart and vigour. Elevated by a tremendous, enthusiastic performance from Jessie Buckley - a star really is (re)born here - and strong supporting work from the ever-reliable Julie Walters, it overcomes its familiar execution with ease. Punctuated with fantastic musical performances and satisfying emotional beats, Wild Rose is a diamond in the rough and deserving of your attention.

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