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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    try harper at the hague

  • Miss Lonely

    Miss Lonely


    *staring in mirror* NO. MORE. GETTING. GHOST-BAITED

    from now on every ghost, ethereal voice or other supernatural manifestation of yearning is the protagonist's mom/grandmother until proven otherwise...

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  • Destroyer



    I feel like this worked for me, unexpectedly, the way other people must have enjoyed THE MULE. Apparently hardass late-stage estrangement from family and society plays better for me with a generous coat of schlocky LA neo-noir than Eastwood’s conservative wish fulfillment, even though a horticulturist singing along to the radio is way more my speed on paper. Though he’s been playing this part for decades, it’s tempting to look at Kidman taking on at 50 what Eastwood is still…

  • My First Film

    My First Film


    Anger has evidently been doing some form of this since 2018 judging by the Letterboxd year, and I missed a chance to see it in person last year, but I’m glad I didn’t see it until this time and in this way, because I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a film whose form converged with the moment so meaningfully. Suddenly an interactive livestream isn’t just a boldly experimental presentation perfectly calibrated to its content and mission (though it is that)..…