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  • Project X

    Project X


    Well. This is certainly not just another movie about a high school party gone wrong. It's not just about how the unpopular kid invited too many people who later trashed his house, but he got it all fixed before his parents came home. No, almost the whole movie was just.. the party. And I could relate to so much througout the movie. Or, not the whole movie, the ending is pretty exaggerated. But the "I'm having so much fun" and…

  • Prometheus



    I don't like sci-fi's, but this one was good.

    I was really amazed by the landscape. It was so beautiful and peaceful, which was a good contrast to the films plot.

    There were something about the characters I didn't like, but I haven't figured out what yet, so don't think about that. And for now, I think that's everything I have to complain about.