• Elephant



    Embarrassing, but marginally less so than most issue movies. The camera has a great weight to it and the sleepy autumnal atmosphere is exemplary.

  • Runaway



    Let's break out of this fake-ass party, turn this into a classic night

  • Hansel & Gretel

    Hansel & Gretel


    Of interest as an established director's juvenilia, absent of anything otherwise

  • Alice



    Such a phenomenal film. First saw it when I was 16 and it opened my eyes to, for lack of a better term, weird movies - I was never the same since. That said, it somehow only gets stranger the more movies I watch.

  • Tropical Malady

    Tropical Malady


    Fellas if you're gay... this is the one

  • Vampire



    Weerasethakul packs more poetry into a found-footage Louis Vuitton ad than most do in their passion projects. Happy birthday to the king.

  • Venus in Furs

    Venus in Furs


    This has a brilliant aesthetic; heavy shadows, odd angles, meditative long takes, and framing that reduces figures to carnal totems that all add up to a decadent erotic atmosphere. Unfortunately said atmosphere is constantly torpedoed by the fact that this has dialogue delivered with the tenor and cadence of bored audiobook narrators. Still pretty good, could've been great.

  • The Garden of Torment

    The Garden of Torment


    The Garden of Torment ∶ Octave Mirbeau ∷ Horrors of Malformed Men ∶ Edogawa Rampo

    Last 30 minutes of this are from another planet. Cannot imagine a stronger screen version of this strand of French decadent fiction.

  • Pentimento



    Speaks to just how potent of a cinematic object this is that I loved it even with the thuddingly obvious dinner crosscutting.

  • Final Curtain

    Final Curtain


    If watched on mute, it's akin to a Meshes of the Afternoon-esque trance film - a somnambulant protagonist wandering through a potent environment and witnessing all sorts of horrid revelations. If watched with sound, it's also that, but slathered in delicious Ed Wood word salad. Rocks.

  • The Ritual [Propaganda Videozine: Volume 3]

    The Ritual [Propaganda Videozine: Volume 3]


    somebody's seen Lucifer Rising!

  • Eye Myth

    Eye Myth


    Happy eye myth monday