The Favourite ★★★

I actually ordered my ticket with MoviePass, wasn't expecting that to work. As Mikala and I walked into the theater, I notice that it was completely silent. Not a single soul talked through the entire film. The perfect viewing experience.

During the credits, people began to get up and leave. One lady, probably in her 60s, walked down the aisle, looked right at me and then stood in the row directly in front us. The theater was completely empty at this point, there were plenty of other spots she could stand but nope, right in front of us. She was there for about 15 seconds before Mikala started laughing. The laughing made the lady turn around and say, "oh I'm sorry am I in your way?"
"No your fine," Mikala replied.
"Good, I figured not since you guys weren't listening anyway," the old lady stated.

The lady then proceeds to look at the screen for another 30 seconds. Literally one-Mississippi-two-Mississippi. Mikala and I just looked at each other in silence, barely holding in our laughter. Suddenly the lady turned and walked out.


I actually took a picture of the lady standing in front of us. It's pretty hilarious. Here it is if you care. 

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