La Notte ★★★★★

La Notte took my heart and for good reason, it's superbly shot in black and white by the same Cinematographer who shot Federico Fellini 8½.
The tragedy of the main male character is not only a matter of bored bourgeois ennui, but rather disconnected from life itself.
the entire film we see Giovanni primarily through Lidia’s perspective because she is the center of the film, she’s the story’s emotional engine, she sees him unfaithful, selfish, and childish. later we notice that Valentina is reading “The Sleepwalkers,” and it's by no coincidence, the book is about a world in transition we notice that Giovanni tells his wife, “I no longer have ideas.” Though he may not have a name for it, he feels a part of himself slipping away decaying . He’s the one who still believes in their love relationship, or think he does, but perhaps he’s admitting the self-deception when he tells her what’s left to him are only memories.

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