Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

I enjoyed this.

Adored the 70s setting which was made full use of with the production design and music. Plus other things to add to it.

This movie is visually stunning. Fong's best work imo. Made full use of colours in the environment and each shot felt different from each other while maintaining the same style and tone of the film. Kong himself was an absolute beast and his action scenes are well directed and engaging. The camerawork here is truly spectacular. Especially during the action scenes with how it follows Kong and others through the scene.

Although it suffers from bland characters, I liked Sam Jackson's character and the ideas behind him being about America's view of conflict and war during that time.

This movie has a lot of problems. The dialogue was horrible at some points. Didn't feel natural at all. Not even the actors could pull through some lines and Hiddleston wasn't a good lead. Lacked any interesting writing and Tom didn't do his best, mainly due to script. Brie Larson could have been used better. Especially coming off that Oscar. Felt she was wasted. Also there is one scene which is supposed to be the emotional moment of the film but doesn't achieve any emotion due to bad writing. This movie's problems really come down to the script.

But honestly with all my issues with it I'd still watch it again. Its a fun and enjoyable movie with great visuals and directing. 7/10.

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