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  • Idiocracy



    My first LB review happens to be for Idiocracy. So be it.

    Although the pacing falls off a cliff around half-way through, this is still an intensely funny and painfully plausible satire of capitalist consumerism that's overflowing with brilliant ideas that are still funny almost 2 decades later. This movie gave us:Β Β 

    β€’ Gatorade (BRAWNDO) replacing water
    β€’ Ow! My Balls is the #1 show
    β€’ The tribal tattoo police aesthetic
    β€’ Costco's appropriating "I love you" as an empty…

  • Prey



    Disney-esque and trite as the writing & plot are, there are some fairly well-executed action scenes and neat visuals, mostlyΒ in the last half, that make it a serviceable action film.

    Strange choice to have the predator face off with a bunch of low-stakes CG animals when there are plenty of human opponents to stage more interesting set-piece battles amongst...

    The bear fight was pretty metal though.