Villains ★★★

Mickey (Bill Skarsgard) and Jules (Maika Monroe) are both criminals who also share a romantic connection. The two decide to rob a service station, but as they drive away, their car soon runs out of fuel because Mickey forgot to fill it up before robbing the petrol station. With no petrol and a bag full of money, the two decide to break into the nearest home with hopes of discovering either more fuel or a car they can steal. As they break into the house, it appears to be empty. They decide to look around, break a few things and even eat some food. But as they investigate downstairs, they find a young girl chained up. As they make this unusual discovery, the homeowners George (Jeffery Donovan) & Gloria (Kyra Sedgwick) arrive home. Little did Mickey and Jules know, but they have just broken into a house owned by deranged murderers.

At the start of the film, Mickey and Jules come across as quite silly characters considering they are the leads. Once they discover the type of people who own the house they just broke into, there seems to be a massive shift with both Mickey and Jules regarding their characteristics. In a nutshell, they become somewhat more serious and more likeable, which was very surprising to see when compared to how silly they were at the start of the film. While watching the movie, and seeing how the leads change their tone, I discovered a new attitude towards the film and wanted them to survive.

In regards to the plot, yes it does feels somewhat familiar. Bad guys who bump into even more threatening people is nothing new. What makes this film different is the film’s tone, which is a combination of downright bizarre, dark and gritty. Some moments are so random that I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself; I’m sure some viewers may also enjoy the film as a dark comedy. The film’s soundtrack is basic, but I have to admit it was fun and fitting with what was occurring on-screen at every moment.

Overall, those seeking a gritty film with a touch of dark humour will find joy with this release. A plot where bad guys discover another pair of bad guys who are far worse might seem familiar, but thankfully there are several elements which feel new and held my attention for the most part. The film’s opening and character introduction did disappoint me, but thankfully that changes dramatically with some patience. Performances, while being over the top, are certainly pleasing, especially from actor Jeffrey Donovan. Sure, Villains isn’t for everyone, but the majority of movie lovers will find pleasure with this film even if it is significantly quirky.