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  • Modern Romance
  • Two-Lane Blacktop
  • The Heartbreak Kid
  • Ms .45

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  • The Three Musketeers


  • Phantom of the Paradise


  • The Mafu Cage


  • The Landlord


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  • Jules and Jim

    Jules and Jim


    Tarantino finds Truffaut’s films boring-I agree to some extended, with the exception of this film. I really like the tone and the (even though very naive) 3 main characters. There’s something endearing in the way that it’s told, about childish naivety crashing with the harshness of this world and not wanting to succumb to its rules…if that makes sense. I like the way that Truffaut tells it and the special rhythm. A special film to me.

  • Le Trou

    Le Trou


    The Rififi of all prison escape films. Not sure which of the two I prefer. Probably this one, because as soon as it starts, it never stops. Truly amazing filmmaking

Popular reviews

  • Out of the Past

    Out of the Past


    The coolest of all the noir films. Great, suspenseful and with an amazing cast. Not to be missed.

  • Night of the Juggler

    Night of the Juggler


    why not more people are talking about this film and why there isn't a proper Bluray or DVD out there, is beyond me. This film is one of the tensest and most action filled kidnapping stories I've ever seen. It has an amazing cast, especially James Brolin and the always underrated, but brilliant Cliff Gorman, who delivers one of my favourite portrayals of a flawed, dangerous, but somehow human villain I can remember. Shame he didn't get more parts like…