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  • I Dream in Another Language

    I Dream in Another Language


    the fact they didn’t subtitle the zikril is such an interesting move, it’s like watching intimate moments without ever quite being a part of it, the language is just theirs and not even the viewers are allowed in that (failed) relationship. the viewer is just another foreigner on the story. idk i’m gonna keep thinking about this particular choice for a while. it’s very symbolic and i could go on and on about all different interpretations possible, but honestly i’m sad as fuck. 
    uh, so many feelings, i just wanna cuddle up and go away.

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    I love the silence, I love the metaphors, how this film talks a lot without saying much, it's slow paced, every scene is gorgeous, both Murray and Johansson are convincing as fuck and by the last scene my eyes are wet and my heart is in my hand. This may be Sophia Coppola's masterpiece.