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  • The Big Lebowski
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  • The Gate

    The Gate


    Actually better than I was expecting. A sort of silly story of monsters rising the backyard of a suburban home (the debt to Poltergeist is obvious). At it's core, this is animated by genuine family dynamics (it captures the partially allies, partially antagonists nature of brother and sister relationships) and bolstered by some fun effects. The direction is much more competent than the schlocky reputation would suggest, but don't be fooled- this is still 1980s made-in-Canada kiddie horror. Go in with those expectations and you'll probably have a good time.

  • Black Belt Jones

    Black Belt Jones


    A silly blaxploitation flick that manages to be both fun to watch and fun to goof on. The plot is carefully, almost tediously laid out, but it boils down genre-standard black guys vs. the mob. Jim Kelly plays a man who unironically introduces himself as "Black Belt," and he appears to be some sort of secret agent. The agency he works for only seems to employ a single man though, and Kelly is left to recruit some random beach babes…

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  • Rhythm 21

    Rhythm 21

    Movie: ◻️

    Me: ok.

    Movie: ⬛

    Me: 🤯

  • Asparagus



    My take: The protagonist (maybe every woman, maybe the filmmaker herself) stays in her home, wrapped up in whatever strange comforts she can find there. Her imagination runs riot. Outside is a world of the crassest, most phallocentric sexuality. Instead of facing it directly, she allows her imagination to reshape it. When she does have to venture forth she guards herself with a mask, hiding her true self. However, by collecting symbols of her experience and sharing them with others…