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  • The House on Weirdfield St

    The House on Weirdfield St


    In my review for director Matt Bollinger's Mark of the Wolf, I said the ballpoint pen drawings were nostalgic, transporting me back to doodling through boring high school lectures. That effect is even more pronounced here, where we literally watch drawings appear in a lined notebook. We never see the animator's hands; instead, lines seem to grow of their own accord. It's a neat effect, and the rustling sound of paper in the background helped to immerse me.

    So as…

  • Mark of the Wolf

    Mark of the Wolf


    Really cool animated short, unlike anything I had seen before. Over at Vimeo (where you can watch this for free), director Matt Bollinger says he made this using ballpoint pen, sharpie, and White Out. A sense of movement is achieved by whiting out the part of the drawing that has to move and redrawing it in a new place. The void it leaves behind lags behind for a moment before the details are once again drawn in. It's a very…

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  • Rhythm 21

    Rhythm 21

    Movie: ◻️

    Me: ok.

    Movie: ⬛

    Me: 🤯

  • Asparagus



    My take: The protagonist (maybe every woman, maybe the filmmaker herself) stays in her home, wrapped up in whatever strange comforts she can find there. Her imagination runs riot. Outside is a world of the crassest, most phallocentric sexuality. Instead of facing it directly, she allows her imagination to reshape it. When she does have to venture forth she guards herself with a mask, hiding her true self. However, by collecting symbols of her experience and sharing them with others…