Cybernetic Grandma

Cybernetic Grandma ★★★★★

Incredible. The amount of care and creativity that went into creating those environments is unreal. At one point we see an exterior shot of a giant building. It's incredibly well built, and the camera only stays with it for a second or two. Director Jiří Trnka clearly knew he had talent to spare.

I was surprised how much emotional impact this short had. I was deeply unsettled by the cold, strange environment the little girl found herself in, and I shared her fear. The animation reinforces this. While it isn't perfectly smooth, Trnka takes take to depict small actions that show the character's state of mind.

I watched this without subtitles, so some details may have been lost on me. Still, this is an incredibly effective piece of visual storytelling, and it left a deep psychological impression. Highly recommended.

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