Mom and Dad ★★★½

What could have easily been a stupid and disposable Nic Cage vehicle is actually (1) worthwhile, and (2) not all that reliant on Nic Cage.

We open on a scene of wealthy suburban life. Writer/director Brian Taylor instantly distinguishes himself here. The dialogue feels fresh and modern, and the tacky decorations ring true. These aren't regurgitated observations that have been passed down since the 80s.

The music and editing both do a great job building tension while the fairly basic premise gets set up. And once the trigger gets pulled, it's pretty continuous fun action. Cage gets to chew the scenery at a few points, though the movie gets more mileage out of Selma Blair's relatively subdued acting. She plays the Dracula to Cage's Renfield, and it works brilliantly.

P.S. Taylor makes a surprisingly cogent argument for intergenerational families.