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  • Boyhood



    What is BOYHOOD? It's not a dazzling technical feat or an impressive narrative ensemble. It's not its intention to be special or innovative, it's not trying to prove itself to you, it's not telling you anything. It just Is.

    BOYHOOD is real. BOYHOOD isn't timeless. BOYHOOD will date and age as everything does, BOYHOOD will grow old like a period film, in 100 years it will be used as an example in classrooms or brought up at dinner as an…

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  • The Burial of Kojo

    The Burial of Kojo


    Alongside my previous review of basically just gushing over Michael Fernandez's cinematography, I'd like to elaborate a bit on the other aspects of the movie. For one, the plot is engaging but slow; the layered plots being tasteful and reserved, almost modest in approach—which, by the way, is quite refreshing after the predictably composite narrative ensembles of the 17 Robert Altman films I've now finished.

    Speaking of Altman, though maintaining the contrast in cinematic storytelling between them, an easy similarity…

  • The Burial of Kojo

    The Burial of Kojo


    The most beautiful movie I've ever seen.

    5 months ago I went on vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. There, on the third day, after staying up all night, spending multiple hours lounging and chatting with friends, the clock finally hit 5:00 AM. We walked to the beach. The sand was cold and it was windy, but surrounded by my closest friends, alone on the beach, we watched the sun slowly crawl over the water onto the horizon;…

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  • Brewster McCloud

    Brewster McCloud


    A beautiful, spontaneous, horrifying, ingenious, campy, hilarious, depressing rollercoaster of emotion, self-reflection, and social critique.

    I don't even know where to begin with my amazement.

    The way he effortlessly merges so many genres into a digestible, entertaining, 1 hour and 45-minute movie is insane. It's mechanically first-class. It's thematically brilliant. It's shockingly deep. It's uncomfortably relatable. And it's cinematically one-of-a-kind.

    The cinematography is clever and beautiful. It gives almost amateur traits—occasionally overly-lit, some scenes have inconsistent lighting, etc—but then proves…

  • Gosford Park

    Gosford Park


    An Agatha Christie mystery thriller directed by Robert Altman is exactly what you'd expect.

    The cinematography itself even feels preppy and snobbish. The lighting, specific angles, all feels appropriate. Really good.

    The performances were great. There's really not much to say here if you simply look at the cast, all fantastic actors and performances.

    The screenplay is great, Julian Fellowes is a master at this style. The dialogue is very engaging, it all feels real and intense with believable emotion.…