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  • Linie 1

    Linie 1


    Ich habe vergessen, wieviel damals unserem Sprachschatz gelandet ist. Das Gegenteil von langweilig. Heute habe ich allerdings eher den Fokus auf dem tragischen gehabt.

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    A totally subjective telling of the „incident“. That what makes it thrilling and such an entertaining movie. And in the end you are actually thinking about the people behind the punchline without getting it hammered in. One can't really imagine what it would have been like if social media was around back then.

    Big thumbs up for the music cues. Standout moment the "Triple Axel sequence" with Sleeping Bag by ZZ Top. Flaw of the movie: Margot Robbie is far…

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  • Perfect Sense

    Perfect Sense


    It's remarkable how this film evokes emotions. You become very selfaware during the movie and get out very moved.

  • Head Full of Honey

    Head Full of Honey


    What an insult. I refuse to write anything more about it and only give out a warning.