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  • Hereditary



    Die zwei Sätze am Ende von hätte es nicht gebraucht, aber man wollte es wohl für alle klar werden lassen. Ich habe die gut gewählten harten Schnitte und die kompromisslose statische Atmosphäre sehr genossen. In vielerlei Hinsicht umweht den Film eine 70s Aura.

  • Skylark



    It was my first screwball comedy when I was a kid and it is a different take on the genre with tackling the theme what happens after 5 years of marriage. I still find the fist half utterly delightful. Claudette Colbert is sparkling. But just as it gets into the love triangle the movie loses its steam and Colbert is once again reduced to chosing the right man for her. I almost hated the ending on the boat this time where she’s crying like a child for her husband. A turn I really didn’t like for her strong minded character that she was supposed to be.

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  • Perfect Sense

    Perfect Sense


    It's remarkable how this film evokes emotions. You become very selfaware during the movie and get out very moved.

  • Head Full of Honey

    Head Full of Honey


    What an insult. I refuse to write anything more about it and only give out a warning.