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  • Spectre



    Most of the two first two thirds is an eloboarte scavenger hunt. Got to point A, boom, find clue, go to point B, repeat. Some of the action scenes were very classy I give it that. And the last part were classic Bond. And we get a glimpse on what a Ralph Fiennes 007 could have been. And yes, please retire Chrstoph Waltz from those roles. He was the weakest point.

  • Beverly Hills Cop

    Beverly Hills Cop


    The reputation makes this film appear far more funnier than it actually is. I tried to watch it a few years ago but didn’t finish it because I got bored by the crime plot that takes far too much time out of the runtime. It just felt like the part of the Miami Vice TV Series I never liked - when they were working on the actual case. Just not my kind of genre. Still like the theme by Harold Faltermeyer and chuckled a bit when Eddie Murphy was laughing at some bypassers wearing his „Delirious“ outfit.

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  • Perfect Sense

    Perfect Sense


    It's remarkable how this film evokes emotions. You become very selfaware during the movie and get out very moved.

  • Head Full of Honey

    Head Full of Honey


    What an insult. I refuse to write anything more about it and only give out a warning.