Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

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Part of the Hail to the King, Bruce Campbell All-Nighter

Talk about improvement. Instead of wimpy Bruce Campbell surrounded by his arsehole friends and some goofy practical effects, we have awesome badass Bruce Campbell mostly on his own and some goofier practical effects. But the last bit is good, because it's meant to be goofy. I mean, there's a bit where a deadite does a dance without a head naked. That's how you use over the top, practical gore!

Bruce Campbell is bloody epic and instantly one of my favourite actors now, even though it is a shame he hasn't starred in much else. He's wise cracking and a bit of dick, but so goddamn likable. I mean, there's nothing like "swallow this" to ramp up the testosterone!....that sounded so wrong.

In fact, right at the beginning this film retcons Evil Dead out of existence. It doesn't need to be to understand the series, you could go into this film not knowing anything and you'd be good. That's perfectly fine with me, I didn't even like the first one. Everything is improved here from the original and it has an ending so absurd it could only happen here.

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