Halloween ★★★

Halloween on Halloween.

Yes. I am that cliched.

Well, I had never seen it before, so I know I needed to. Unfortunately it wasn't that great anyway. If the entire film matched the opening six minutes in quality, this film would be five stars. What an intro. It's a shame the eerie music is repeated to the point of hindrance, the protagonists are incredibly stupid and the ending is totally unexplained and lame.

I'm sorry, but if a movie now ended with no explanation as to a cop out ending, people would be outraged. Carpenter does it in '78 and it's praised endlessly. I don't get it. I love Carpenter, and the direction and the soundtrack is excellent, but the latter is overdone and the writing is just lacklustred. It also doesn't help the victims pull ridiculous faces when they die, it's hilarious!

Me and my friends joked that because Michael Meyers appears every time people are about to have sex, that he is the safest form of contraception. That joke provoked more emotion and involvement than the entire film did. It's stilted and simply not scary.

However, finding one classic hailed as legendary not live up to it's reputation will not perturb my quest to conquer the unexplored horror genre. John Carpenter is still awesome and Jamie Lee Curtis is still a brilliant actress. Those two things, I can say, Halloween reaffirmed my belief in.

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