Her ★★★★★

Her is the definitive anthem for the iPod generation.

I mean. Fuck. I'm just going to collect and record my thoughts on this.

Her sums up love perfectly. It just perfectly encapsulates the feeling of love. Unfortunately, I'm a lonely bastard who takes up the whole sofa because there's no one else there, (ah the perks of being single), but it's the sort of film you just need to watch with a partner.

• Besides The Master, this is the only film to get me to like Amy Adams. In fact, I loved her in this. I loved her. I missed her whenever she wasn't on screen and it's because of the lack of human contact that I so craved when it was missing. This film so effectively understands the medium of film. Never was it outright mentioned human contact was superior in ways. Never was it hinted at by Jonze going "this is my message, believe my message." It was told visually. We experienced it. I felt that technology is no replacement for human contact. Her moves me in such a way not many other films have done before.

• Joaquin Phoenix is outstanding. Another wonderful performance, also succeeding The Master like Adams, but it's criminal he has not been nominated for Best Actor. He just radiates awkwardness here so endearingly. He's the image of our generation, becoming increasingly socially inept through our obsession with LED screens and away from human faces. How he acted a lot of this on his own too is magnificent. He's so damn convincing.

• Technology may be a safer option, but at the end of the day nothing compares to the love of two people. It's harder to achieve, takes more work, but you get more out of it. The film doesn't debase technology entirely and praise humans forgetting all our faults, no, it weighs up the positives of both and examines what is best for what. It's not in any way manipulative, I sincerely hope Jonze writes again, as this is his first solo screenplay and it's fucking amazing.

• Such an accurate depiction of a near future. It's so clean. So polished, just like technology itself. We're progressing further away from our flawed selves, and aspiring to become efficient machines, surrounding ourselves in a world that does not reflect who we are, but who we want to be and never will.

• The production design is astounding, a colourful palette of warm reds and yellows establishes the warm tone it sets out. The windows especially look nice. Is that a weird thing to pick up on? The costume design is especially amazing, this really is accurate. Boring, plain colour clothes. Sort of eighties, just a whole lot more refined and less eccentric.

Her actually has become the only film released this year to exceed it's hype. 12 Years a Slave was fantastic, but not more than I expected. I knew this was going to be amazing, but it really hit home with me and I think the reason why it did with me and so many others, is that it it's a premature warning of our imminent future, one the youngest amongst us now will live and feel are beginning to live in now.

I'm only 17, but I've been born into a world of overbearing computers and phones, they have, for me, been around forever. I don't know a world without it, and we're becoming so dependent on it. Her is a reminder that whilst we may rely on technology that's great a whole range of activities, nothing will ever, ever replace the pure warmth, the raw energy of shared love between two people.

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