Opera ★★★

My first foray into Dario Argento's filmography; and I'm excited now to see what else is on offer. Opera flits between kitschy ridicularity, and terrifying savagery - with each mood keeping you going, but not exactly going hand in hand.

The first half is tighter, with a more able grip on suspense, although the film is punctuated with hits of terror throughout. What doesn't help is our characters making some dreadfully stupid decisions, the lack of a substantial spectacle creep, and an ending that is almost like someone taped over the real ending with another film.

Saying that, the visual effects are fantastic and not for a second do you doubt what you're seeing. And some of our characters are so well dressed to the point that I might fish out their outfits at a charity shop, and the soundtrack is an emphatic excess of opera which never really lets you relax.

Grab some beers and have a house party, (virtual or not), to get you through the parts that drag, and to heighten the best scenes.

Brownie points for the Rick Roll.

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