Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

Being a newcomer to the Terminator series, I hadn't seen this or the first one before. I saw the latter earlier this month and was blown away by it. I have, as you know by looking at the title above and probably the rest of this review which hasn't been written yet, now seen the sequel. And this blew me away too.

This film has what I like to call the "Scream complex", when it is more entertaining than it's predecessor, but not as well made of a film. Now, a certain advantage Terminator 2 has over Scream 2, is that it's actually an awesomely made movie, Scream 2 was good, but man, Terminator 2, that's where it's at. Or you could say an "Alien complex". That might make a little more sense.

The first one is a more suspenseful and low-down type of film, this is an epic, no holds barred action movie that, while it still retains the nail-biting suspense and great characters, just has a completely different feel. That isn't bad at all, it's just a different movie. Yet still awesome.

I don't really need to say anymore, the action is superb, the characters are fantastic, and I thought, probably due to me being a first time viewer, that Edward Furlong was not that annoying as everyone says he is. At least it's not Shortround.

As good as the original then? I can't say, I'm not really sure, it's like trying to compare Alien to Aliens, it's difficult, and while this does have more flaws than Aliens and the original Terminator, it's just as epic, tense and fun.

This is just orgasmic and a must see for fans of action movies, fans of sci-fi movies and fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don't be put off by the 2 hour and a bit running time, it goes like a flash. This really is an epic and a must see.

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