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  • Che: Part Two

    Che: Part Two


    Criterion Collection Spine #496
    (Foreign language film - Spanish)

    (The Average Joe’s Movie Club Cast)

    Live by the revolution .... die by the revolution!

    "To survive here, to win ... you have to live as if you've already died."

    In part 2 of Steven Soderbergh's Che, we flash forward to the late 60s as Ernesto Che Guevara sets his eyes on leading a band of revolutionaries in Bolivia. But we soon come to see this effort was doomed from the…

  • Che: Part One

    Che: Part One


    Criterion Collection Spine #496
    (Foreign language film - Spanish)

    (The Average Joe’s Movie Club Cast)

    The rise of the iconic Latin American revolutionary known as Che Guevara begins, in this first part of Director Steven Soderbergh's epic historical biopic of Che's conquest of Cuba and his eventual tragic downfall.

    "Nobody is going home on leave. We have only won the war. The revolution has just begun."

    I had been curious to check this out for a while now since I…

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  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    Recommended by: Marvin123

    I don't think Writer and Director Guy Ritchie will ever be able to top his masterpiece 'Snatch', but at least he is trying again.

    "I want you to join me on this cinematic journey, 'cause it is cinema, Ray. It's beautiful, beautiful cinema. Now, roll camera."

    What a great cast! We got Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant just to name a few. The plot was definitely not what I was expecting, which was…

  • Tenet



    Mr. Nolan I am a big fan, but I think you are starting to go too far with these overly complex time focused sci-fi action films.

    (A snapshot of my experience watching Tenet)

    Opening action scene:

    Neat, there is some of that 'inverted entropy' (aka backward action) stuff which is the signature aspect of the movie, I wonder how it works?

    Midway through the movie:

    Wow, they do a lot of explaining about this 'inverted entropy' stuff, and I still…

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    An all new Spiderman comes into his own as Marvel and Sony unleash the Spider-Verse!

    "Wow, that is one hardcore origin story kid."

    The dazzling pages of a comic book come to life in this highly unique and imaginative animated film. For so long I have wanted to see a Spiderman movie that was not handcuffed to the constraints of a simple hero story and one or two villains. And Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse delivers that and much more as…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    (2019 Summer Blockbuster Movie Series)

    (The Average Joe’s Movie Club Cast Episode 5 Part II)

    It all started with "I... Am... Iron-Man!" and now it has come down to the epic final showdown "This is the fight of our lives." And I am thrilled to say that Marvel has delivered one of the greatest cinematic journeys of all time.

    "Part of the journey is the end."

    Ever since first I saw the result of the snap in ‘Infinity War’, I…